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This site serves a couple of purposes. It allows me to experiment with web development tools and techniques (translation: things will not always work), and it provides me a place to distribute things I want to offer to others. Click on one of the links to the left to see other parts of the website.

Feel free to browse - there is nothing bad or dangerous here. There are a few topics that are of interest to me and may be of interest to others.


Quick links to my Amateur Radio downloads (freeware) are below:

Flex Buttons - a utility to invoke functions for Flex radios (V2.4.1) Documentation

FKeys - a WriteLog add-on for controlling operations from a floating toolbar. (V1.11) Documentation

Net Control Plus - a utility for a Netcontrol Station to manage a Net session.(V1.9) Documentation

QSL Print - a utility to print QSL cards with contact information from an ADIF file or manually (V1.1) Documentation

Hello CW - a code practice utility with source code (Visual Studio).

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