FKeys is an "add-in" to WriteLog, a wonderful contest logging program written by Wayne Wright, W5XD and Steve Woodruff, N9OH. WriteLog works great by itself, but some folks (like me) prefer using a mouse to do everything rather than switching between the keyboard and the mouse (others prefer just using the keyboard). Also, some of us have a hard time remembering which function key does what. FKeys attempts to make contesting easier for mouse loving, memory challenged people like myself.

The above are examples of FKeys window layouts. The user has a lot of control over which keys are used and the layout.

Version 4 supports Writelog V12 (as well as V11). It adds a few menu functions that have been added to Writelog over the years.

In version 3 I've added some peripheral functions for my benefit, but they might be of use to others. Traditionally band switching and A/B for two radio control appear as bits on the parallel port. With Windows 2000 an future versions that poses some problems for programmers. One approach is to use the W5XD keyer that communicates via a serial port, but puts the relevant data onto simulated parallel ports. I use the IBS-1 for band detection. This device has a CI-V interface used by Icom equimpment. I exploit this by emulating Icom gear on a pair of serial ports, obtaining the band data from WriteLog. I've also built a simple dual CI-V interface board . A second experiment is to provide the A/B information on the DTR signal of yet another serial port. This coupled with another hardware exercise I'm working on allows SO2R operation without any dependence on a parallel port.

I'm willing to share this utility with anyone who would like to try it. Support is as I can get around to it. You can download the documentation and the software separately. The documentation is about 60kb and the software is about 100kb. Try it and then let me know what you think. I'd like to single out Eric, K6EP, for many valuable suggestions and suffering through early versions of FKeys. Many others have contributed suggestions directly and through comments on various reflectors. Your suggestions are always appreciated (though they may not all get implemented). Send mail to Also, check out my other utility WlIniEdit - it simplifies editing the WriteLog.ini file including visual selection of fonts and colors.

I've learned that some versions of Netscape don't deal well with this method of downloading. Try holding down the shift key while you click on the download link. If you still have problem drop me an email and I can send the files as an attachment.

You only need to download the software, but the documentation and sample INI files can be instructive. If you just download the software, unzip the two files into a directory (rename Basic.ini for FKeys.ini if you don't have one). Make sure WriteLog starts first and run FKeys.exe. By clicking on the red, white and blue icon to the left of the titlebar you can get to the configuration menu. If you get really desperate try the documentation.

Known problem: If the active entry window background color is NOT white FKeys won't be able to find it.

Known problem: If there is a path pointing to a contest ini file and the path does not exist then the program fails to start properly. It shows as a small flag like object. Look in the fkeys.ini file and find the {Contests] section. Delete the line that starts Last=... Then restart FKeys.exe.

Download the Documentation 450 KB

Download sample INI files 20 KB

Download the Software (version 4.2 - 5/22/16) 800 KB

Change highlights 2/14/06

Colored text on buttons

Fixed bug in configuration display that allowed buttons to cover dialog controls

Added several new macros for controlling Rttyrite menus

Allow FKeys to run without Writelog for configuration purposes

See the Change History page for more details.