3/19/00 - Changed to represent function keys as F1, F2, etc. rather than the numbers.  Will automatically correct last version ini files.

3/31/00 - Added Delete button to configuration screen

     - Added Check RTTY AFC macro

4/2/00 - Added right click on titlebar invokes Configuration

    - Fixed memory leak in Configuration

    - Made Check RTTY AFC more reliable

    - Made xstart, ystart in Configuration more reliable

5/6/00 - Make right click on titlebar optional

    - More error checking in Command Wizard

    - Auto select new buttons

    - Restrict editing of commands to Command Wizard

9/4/00 - If no .ini file is found, a valid one will be created.

    - Minor fixes in configuration

    - Test with Windows Millennium Edition

    - Test with WriteLog V10.18

3/4/01 - Added menu functions that had slipped in (Export and Rotor control).

    - Automatically add missing entries to ini file.

7/9/01 - Add A/B on a serial port

    - Add support for Intelligent Band Switch

    - Add macro to turn on/off "TopMost" bit on various tuning windows (incl MMTTY)

    - Add support for additional WL menu functions

    - Add a checkbox to turn off the TopMost property for FKeys.

    - Add a "menu" item for increasing or decreasing CW speed

3/4/02 - Add macro to save Rttyrite buffer to a file

    - Add more extensive search for QSO entry window

    - Add more aggressive emulation of ENTER keystroke.

1/18/03 - Change CQ and switch macro to work better.

    - Add several WL commands that have been added through the versions.

3/9/03 - Fix bug in QTC sending

    - Add INSERT macro to replicate action of Insert key

    - Add TOGGLE macro to switch entry windows in two radio operation

    - Change INI files so you can have multiple contest specific INI files


    - New Contest file fails if there are more than 8 buttons on the current config (fixed)


    - Colored text on buttons

    - Fixed bug in configuration display that allowed buttons to cover dialog controls

    - Added several new macros for controlling Rttyrite menus

    - Allow FKeys to run without Writelog for configuration purposes

5/22/16 - Support Writelog V12 (QSO Entry window name change)

    - Fix bug that only allowed first 99 Writelog menu items in command wizard