WL Ini Editor


WriteLog is a contest logging program for radio amateurs. This is a simple utility for editing the WriteLog.ini file to adjust certain configuration parameters. This task could be accomplished with Notepad.exe, but this utility makes it just a bit safer.

A word of caution. If you mess with the wrong entries in the ini file you may make it hard to restore usability of WriteLog! Stick with the sections of the ini file that are documented in the Help File and make a copy of your ini file before you start experimenting.

If you have a problem feel free to send me a note. I can't promise to respond or make improvements - I do this as time permits. Since this is not part of WriteLog, don't ask Wayne and Ron about it - they don't know. Also, check out my other utility Fkeys.

Installation is simple. Just extract WlIniEdit.exe to an appropriate place and run it by double clicking on it. It assumes that you have WriteLog installed and that the ini file is in the Windows (Winnt, etc.) directory. It looks for writel32.hlp (the help file) in the location specified in [Configuration] DataFiles from the writelog ini file.

I've learned that some versions of Netscape don't deal well with this method of downloading. Try holding down the shift key while you click on the download link. If you still have problem drop me an email and I can send the files as an attachment.

Download the WriteLogIniEdit. Version 2.1, about 150KB. Updates to version 2.1 1. Corrected path to wl helpfile. Updates to version 2.0

  1. Color Helper. Add Entry, Editor and Rttyrite windows.
  2. Color Helper. Add visual color picker.
  3. Add new entries up to WL 10.43.

Updates to version 1.3

  1. Color Helper. Add Skeds and Test. Select one window at a time.
  2. Add new entries from WL 10.27.

Updates to version 1.2.

  1. Color Helper. Adjust colors for Bandmap and Packet Spot Bar.
  2. Font Helper. View the fonts available on your system.
  3. Validation added for the existence of files, paths, integers and some ranges.

Updates to version 1.1.

  1. Backup function. Copy WriteLog.ini to backup and backup to WriteLog.ini.
  2. Add Entry function. Add a new Section and/or Item to the WriteLog.ini file. Validation is weak.

Current suggestions for improvements:

  1. Improve validation routines for Add/Modify Entry.
  2. Recreate a WriteLog.ini file from default information. Since I chose to stash the equivalent of the WL ini file information in the Registry, this is pretty easy.